The simplest way to track goals.

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IEP & Special Education

Record data for IEP caseloads to automatically indicate mastery and graph progress

Therapy & Clinical Services

Perfect for ABA, Speech, OT, PT, and others to assess effectiveness and plan for improvement

Nonprofits & Grants

Easily track all necessary data to obtain & maintain grant funding

About Sperro

Sperro was built by a team of educators and clinicians to offer a cloud-based solution for schools and special education professionals to better track and report on student progress towards mastering goals, while also showing the effectiveness of their programs and services.

3 Simple Steps to Track Goals

Key Features

Customer Reviews

Being in the Special Education environment for 10 years, I've never been able to access data so easily before. It has changed the way I track data and guide future goals.I like how it is user friendly and easy to share links to see critical information all in one place, at any time.
The Goal Tracking Software is excellent! I really appreciate the fact that the interface is streamlined, easy to use, and automatically converts my data points into graphs! There is also a feature that allows me to distribute a shareable link to my parents and families so that they can see my progress monitoring data whenever they like! ... I also really like all of the different ways I can structure my goals in this goals portal. I have the ability to measure progress on goals in terms of percentages, trials, and prompting level. I can also adjust the terms of criteria required for mastery in terms of individual trials, averages, or have the program "add them up" into a more summative view on the goal and the data points that have been collected. Individualizing my goals to each of my students is incredibly easy, viewable all on one screen, and incredibly efficient! I highly recommend the Goal Tracking Software.
A straightforward data tracking software which allows me to see progress over time in an easy-to-read graph. What I really enjoy is the ease of adding goal data and being able to enter multiple data points per day. It shows a clear and concise way to track data in the most efficient way possible.
I think it's an amazing portal that not only helps my families stay on track but for me as well.What I love most about it is that I can easily track and monitor the progress of my client's goals. Each goal is clearly defined within the portal to ensure Client remains on a path to self-improvement. Parents can also access their child's portal, which can help them understand what is expected of them and includes interventions that can help the family achieve goals. This feature also helps me collaborate with families by reviewing progress, challenges, and make adjustments to ensure goals are reached.


Our goal is to be affordable to all sizes of schools, districts and organizations. Pricing can be structured monthly on a per student or per user approach or as a yearly flat fee. Give us a call to find out more.

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